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We are thrilled to share with you that the Association of American Publishers (AAP) has named Ultimate Gig: Flexibility, Freedom, Rewards a Finalist in the 2022 PROSE Awards.

Our publishing team describes these awards as “the Oscars of the academic publishing industry,” so this is a pretty big deal.

What's in the Book?

This book is dedicated to a new form of labor and those who participate in it.

Our definition of work has evolved over the past few decades… Gone are the days when virtually every member of the workforce pursued a nine-to-five job…

 Today, people of all ages and from all walks of life are finding it possible to work in a new way. They are independent contractors using a variety of labels to describe their approach to working when they wish and, often, from wherever they choose…

Ultimate Gig tells the story…

Association of American Publishers (AAP) has named Ultimate Gig: Flexibility, Freedom, Rewards a Finalist in the 2022 PROSE Awards.

Why Read the Book

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Defining the gig economy and types of gigs

Chapter 2
Academic Perspective
Making sense of the gig economy

Chapter 3
Why people from all walks of life work gigs

Chapter 4
Gigs Redefine Entrepreneurship
Gigs make microentrepreneurship easily available

Chapter 5
How Technology Is Shaping Gigs
The gig economy leverages technology effectively

Chapter 6
Direct Selling – The First Gig
The 100-year-plus channel of distribution is a gig

Chapter 7
Women and the Future of Gigs
We explain why women appear to be the future of gigs

Chapter 8
Defining the Ultimate Gig
Leverage your strengths and passions – your ultimate gig

Chapter 9
Maximizing the Potential of a Gig
The guidance all gig workers need

Chapter 10
A Perspective on Challenges
Identification of the obvious, solutions, resolutions

Chapter 11
Research Findings and Insights
The most current research and insights on gig economy

Chapter 12
Game Changers
Companies and individuals who are changing the game



The gig economy has become a popular subject in mature markets throughout the world, especially the United States. The words were even used by the United States Congress when recently addressing the different classification of workers impacted by COVID-19. The gig economy has become a new phenomenon attracting record numbers of people to the possibility of part-time work or work that offers flexibility in how and where the work is being done. Some gig workers turn gigs into a preferred way of earning full time income.

Gigs are not new. Part-time work has always been a possibility for those who sought incremental work opportunities. What is different about the gig economy is its innovative use of technology in connecting gig workers with a source of product, service, or client, and a consumer who is interested in making a purchase. Many gig workers now find technology to be the enabler in turning underutilized assets such as homes, rooms, and cars into income earning opportunities. The choices in how we work, when we work, and where we work from have never been greater!

Information relative the gig economy, the definitions and understanding of gig economy, motivations for working a gig, selecting a gig, and working a gig can be difficult to find; therefore, Ultimate Gig can help to eliminate misunderstanding and confusion when seeking to better understand the gig economy.