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Ultimate Gig Resources

Maximize your possibilities. Every gig offers flexibility, freedom and rewards.

Make Sense of the
Gig Boom

Ultimate Gig Resources is the one-stop toolkit for guiding your journey.

Whether you are a business executive or academic trying to get a firmer grasp of this phenomenon or you are knee-deep in engaging the gig economy for yourself, now you can learn the ins and outs that make it thrive. Avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of our data, best practices and analysis to zoom ahead.

With these tools, you’ll learn…

What You Get!

Ultimate Gig Resources

A strong foundation for anyone exploring or seeking success in their own Ultimate Gig, which includes:

$39.00 Annual Subscription provides full digital access to the following:

We created Ultimate Gig Resources to help everyone interested in tapping into the power of the gig economy phenomenon. Curious gig seekers looking to improve their work and financial situation, aspiring gig microentrepreneurs, executives and leaders interested in incorporating aspects of the gig economy into their business model, and those from the academic community working to better understand the workforce of the future — all will find information and tools to support their journey.

Ultimate Gig Resources is the one-stop toolkit created from the study, research and insights gained during the writing of the book Ultimate Gig. Gig seekers and workers will benefit from this sharing of the resources created and so will business executives, academics, and students who may be studying the gig economy phenomena.

Ultimate Gig Resources is an easy-to-navigate digital collection. Each resource includes high-quality, insightful content that makes it easy to convert ideas into action.

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