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Life is a great gift and every human is given great gifts! This has been documented and proven through the ages. The One Course is not a promise that you will find wealth and riches. Money is a measurement of how well we are doing at managing our lives. It does not take the wealth of multimillionaires and billionaires to be successful. By following some basic principles and processes known to support success and growth, one can expect to get better and better at managing one’s life.


When you carefully follow and execute upon all of the phases of building a successful life, you will gain more of everything you desire, money included.

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The Future of Work Insights Into the 2023 Gig Economy Workforce

This report presents the results of research sponsored in part by PayQuicker, an innovative financial technology leader in the global payouts market, in conjunction with the Ultimate Gig Research Project. The research reported here, which is based on surveys conducted in July 2020 and April 2023, is a component of the years-long Ultimate Gig Research Project, a program dedicated to empirically and systematically assessing trends in the “gig economy” to inform and improve both business and public policy-related decision making.