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Ultimate Gig Insights: Thoughts shared by the author

The following insights are shared as a result of research and study of the gig economy over a two-year period. My goal in writing the Ultimate Gig book was to give gig seekers, gig workers and those who create gig work a comprehensive look at the gig economy from a third-party perspective. The book was written based on the perspectives of the author and those who contributed to the project. No one involved was a gig worker or gig provider at the time the book was written. The following insights are created from notes taken during the development of the manuscript for Ultimate Gig and thoughts developed that did not fit into the objectives and context of the book.

Some of the insights shared will be very interesting to executives within gig-providing companies who are continually seeking to stay abreast of trends and ideas that can impact their strategic plan. Gig workers will find many of the insights to be thought-provoking and help them better understand the significance of their choice of gig work. We have made no distinction as to what might be shared with workers vs. executives or even academics and regulators. The insights apply to anyone interested in the gig economy phenomenon. The insights shared are personal and do not necessarily reflect support from formal primary research. Secondary research has been read and studied extensively. It is our belief and hope that those responsible for providing gig opportunities and those seeking and working gigs will benefit from the thoughts shared.

I will add to the following insights regularly, so come back from time to time to see what’s new. No attempt will be made to polish the thoughts shared or be grammatically correct in how every idea and insight is expressed. These insights are not intended to be another book or formal collection. Some of the insights shared speak to dual audiences. Other insights will appear to be speaking to a specific audience. Both thoughts are true. This space simply provides me with an opportunity to share thoughts that we hope will be beneficial to all of our subscribers.