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Ultimate Gig Resources is the toolbox for gig providers and workers

When we were working on the manuscript for the book, we decided to include many suggestions for both gig workers and gig providers. Our suggestions were focused on the basic components of good business building, especially when working as an independent contractor. Our many years of experience in working with the direct selling model had always revealed that basic business fundamentals need to be emphasized regardless of the background of the participant. Those with great degrees and great intellect also spend more than they earn. People from all walks of life are susceptible to falling into the trap of spending more than they earn. This dilemma fuels a reason and purpose for working a gig if we can learn to manage differently than the masses in the population. The good news: It is never too late to learn.

Once the book manuscript was completed, it occurred to us that we had gained valuable information that could be compiled into what we now refer to as Ultimate Gig Resources.

We chose to focus on five resource guides to help anyone interested in the gig economy to understand the phenomenon better.

1. Defining & Understanding the Gig Economy is a slide presentation that can be used to share a synopsis of the gig economy with others.

2. Welcome to the Gig Economy is a 50+ page digital magazine that serves as a comprehensive, easy, enjoyable, and fun to read publication devoted to the gig economy.

3. Ultimate Gig Planning Guide is explicitly created for gig workers. Gig-providing companies will find the guidance and support complimentary of enterprise objectives.

4. Ultimate Gig Observer is a monthly newsletter that keeps subscribers informed relative to what matters most relative to the gig economy.

5. You are reading Ultimate Gig Insights, designed to bring you into our research, study, and insights gained relative to your work as a gig worker or provider. Ultimate Gig Resources are for both gig-providing companies and gig workers regardless of the type of gig selected.